We are an independent network based in Adelaide, Kaurna country, South Australia. We bring social philosophy to the community, to strengthen our collective capability to live together as responsible social beings and social institutions in our shared world.

Our goal is to create opportunities for public engagement with (pragmatic) social philosophy – to promote thoughtful dialogue and collaboration for social-cultural and ecological renewal.

Social philosophy is about asking how we can co-create (and sometimes restore) good ways of living together – through cultivating shared practices of compassion, conversation, global peacemaking and social-ecological justice.

Social philosophy is about asking these kinds of questions:

  • What are the social-cultural and environmental costs of our current economic system?
  • How is our modern relationship with technology impacting our relationships with one another and with nature?
  • How can we foster our experiences of meaningful work?
  • What shared practices should we cultivate to breakdown inequalities between gender, class and cultural groups?
  • How can we transform our major social institutions (eg education, family, media, religion, marriage, government, and the economy) to serve the social and natural ecosystems they are interconnected with and responsible to?

We do this through facilitating public learning events, such as workshops, seminars and short courses with local and visiting thought leaders and practitioners (authors, educators, researchers, philosophers, community practitioners and artists).

We serve as a bridge to a diversity of classic and contemporary thinkers and the possibilities they open, such as Rahel Jaeggi, Hannah Arendt, Martha Nussbaum, Peg Birmingham, Nel Noddings, Maxine Greene, Ronald Barnett, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Dewey, Jürgen Habermas, Michel Foucault, Axel Honneth, Karl Marx, Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Wilhelm Dilthey, Emmanuel Levinas, Jacques Derrida and others. We apply their insights to current social debates about technology, machination, globalisation, the environment, conflict and the possibilities for human equity and freedom.

Everyone is welcome.

The network was founded in 2018 by Dr Josh Spier.

To join our mailing list and stay informed of upcoming events, please email joshuaspier@gmail.com

Photo: Olivia Moore

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